Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How To Lose Weight/ How to become Healthy

This is the END of all diets.

The simple equation to lose weight is to burn 500 more calories than you eat everyday.

However no matter what you think, a diet will not make you look sexy for more than a day. Because GUESS WHAT! You will gain the weight back in a day.

My goal here to teach you how to be healthy and love your body the way it is. Marilyn Monroe - the epitone of sexy in the modern world- is what a normal girl looks like. She isn't a size 2, she doesn't have perky boobs or a perfect cut stomach. She is average and what made her beautiful was her confidence (and good hair and makeup). If you really think your ugly and lack self worth, I'm telling you invest the money in a gorgeous make over and weave then watch the men roll into your life lol. All jokes aside, lets find the Marilyn in you.

First you have to think- Is my body really that bad that I have to try and diet to look sexy?

Here is the checklist to know if you have a warped body image:

Are you obese?

Do you have a hard time doing physical activities?

Can you run a mile in under 11 minutes?

If you answer Yes, Yes, No- you may need to change your lifestyle around. If you answered anything but that- you might have a problem that isn't your weight. That I can you help on. A way boost your confidence is simply having a healthy lifestyle. Working out actually helps your mood. It keeps depression away. Unhealthy foods just add bad chemicals to your body that shifts your mood and even causes depression. Maybe you don't have confidence in yourself because you are depressed on not seeing the brighter things in life.

Let's face it, we all want to look our best but not all of us are going to have size 2 bodies or perfect curves so take it from us---> My panel of tumblr bloggers and close friends (who are really fit but not perfect according to the media industry) are going to help you achieve the best you! Healthy and fit with our tips. We represent the middle girls.

We aren't stick skinny but we balance healthy lifestyles with school and other factors. We don't have toned tummies or rippling muscles, we are fit and only half way through our health journey.
Nelly (http://c-numberfive.tumblr.com/) is a dancer and Sammie (http://yoursecond-choice.tumblr.com/)  is a cheerleader.

I'm a mix between the two (colorguard).

Nelly is 5'4 and half and weighs 137.

Her body type is all curves. She has a natural hour glass shape with a bit of a tummy but that doesn't mean she isn't super healthy. She has a lot of arm muscle and is very flexible. She stays healthy by doing push-ups, sit-ups, and playing Just Dance 3. She doesn't pay too much attention to her diet. She eats a lot of healthy Haitian Food and whatever else that's in her house.

"I wish I got to workout more, but I don't have much time and I kinda get lazy." Despite that, what keeps her really healthy is her dedication to dance. Being a member of the local Dance Company and dancing to her favorite songs at home keeps her weight constant.

As a requirement of the SUNY system at her school Fashion Institute of Technology, she is required to a fitness course which will help her from gaining the dreaded Freshman 15.

Her tip to all you? "Workout Buddies! They help you keep motivated."

And as you can guess the other person in that photo is Sammie.

Sammie is 5'5 and weighs 130 lb.

Now Sammie is extremely health conscious. She workout daily and eats healthy 150 % of the time. She stays healthy by running daily and being conscious of her eating habits. She also has a very curvy shape, mostly in her boobs and then she is skinny everywhere else. She is somewhat flexible but has a lot of muscle
Her exercise of choice? Running daily. She keeps up at it and stays healthy because of it.

"I try my best to workout a lot and stay as healthy as possible. I want to be healthy now so I don't have to worry later." Being a cheerleader really helps. Dance is also in her forte which she does when ever she's home alone.

Her tip to all of you? "Music will keep you moving. Invest in good headphones that will stay in your ear while you jog." 

Now as for me who genetically isn't going against good odds because strong healthy figures hasn't been in my family. I'm 5'6 and a half and weigh 152. During the school year my weight fluctuated at the worst 168 and the best 140. At my current weight, I'm not exactly my healthiest because I've been so focused on working and making money but at least I'm not at my working-at-mcdonalds-everyday weight. Right now my weight is kinda higher than usual because of angry over eating and pms (oh lord) but I cannot say that I am not happy with my body and it's assets. Sure I don't have a big butt but I have big boobs and guys, no matter how much I weigh, find me attractive. (When I started losing weight, my then boyfriend who was a pretty thin guy got mad because I was losing my ass so goes to show, skinny isn't always attractive).

I stay healthy by dancing. I don't enjoy running that much unless I am properly motivated. I do occasionally do shuttle runs because they are quick. I do sit ups, jumping jacks, and jump rope weekly and I dance daily. If I have time I'll go outside and spin a rifle, flag or baton and perform some of my old show routines and create new routines to the latest songs. Sometimes I work 6 days a week so I miss out on working out and eating right, so I walk a lot. Instead of taking the bus, I will walk about 5 or 6 blocks home or I'll take the stairs. It's little things that make the effort.

I eat healthy when I can. Mostly healthy sandwiches and Haitian Food. The things that kill me however would be sugary coffee drinks which I really survive on.

I have several tips to all of you.

  • Avoid Gyms, especially if you don't have a car. I had a gym membership but I had to toss it aside because I had no way of getting there. I only enjoyed the gym for the elliptical but other than that I had no motivation to get to the gym. I suggest gyms for city dwellers. If you live in the suburbs like I do, jogging around ur neighborhood or working out from home is better. 
  • Counting calories do not work for long. It's a waste of time and effort. Just keep working out until you feel the workout in your system.
  • Working out is better than dieting. When I used to diet, I used to always feel fatigue because I was only eating about 800 calories a day. It wasn't enough to support my active lifestyle 
  • Furthermore Dieting is stupid. It doesn't actually help much. It's all about lifestyle change!
  • Don't buy processed diet food or fast food salads. ITS ALL A LIE TO STEAL YOUR MONEY. Just make food at home. It's as simple as making a god damn sandwhich. 
  • Find something that you have fun doing. I love to dance so my workout is extreme dancing. Not simple club dancing. I do choreo that tests my flexibility and my overall ability as a dancer. 

And the biggest thing is, never be ashamed of your size. All of us had that problem. We had to come to terms with our bodies and realize no matter our size guys will always want to fuck us.
People will shame you for your size. I had a friend who is really tiny, skinny but curvy and has a good body. She FAT SHAMED me for years. There was nothing wrong with my body at the time this first started. I was skinny as a stick just had a little bit of a belly going on from my baby fat. She made me feel like I wasn't good enough because I had a wider bone frame then her. Whenever we ate out she automatically assumed I would eat a salad or made sure I ate the smallest proportions of anything we may share. I felt pressured to diet and it ruined my metabolism. It took years to rebuild it and I still can't process food as I used to because metabolism deteriorates with age. Then when I became in love with gyaru my obsession to be super thin and have a heart shape face became worst. I have round face, full figure, and beautiful features already. I had to come to terms with it. I am already beautiful and I cant change. Now I look to more real idols like Demi Lovato and Adele. I'm kinda upset over Xiaxue's radical weight lost but it what makes her happy lol.

The main message is WE are not super thin. We are perfectly healthy girls with curves. You don't have to be super thin to be sexy. We are promoting healthy lifestyles not superficial ones. In the model industry I am considered plus size but that is simply a label that does not show whether or not how beautiful I am. Nor does it measure the level of success I will have. Ladies LOVE YOUR BODY and be happy with it. Because you are unique and beautiful no matter what. I hope you all find the Marilyn in you.


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  2. Thank you for letting it inspire you. That's the best thing I could ask for :)