Sunday, February 6, 2011

DIY Nails the cheap way

I thought I should go into this more because my idea was so good and I may be nit the first one to think of it but not everyone thinks of it or understood what I meant in my last post
  •  White plain nail tips ( 500 for $3- $5 on ebay)
  • Nail Clipper
  • Nail File
  • Nail polish and accesories 
  • Nail Glue
The nail tips you should buy are rounded on both sides.  You could buy predesigned ones as well but I think starting from scratch is better. If you can not find rounded ones use the nail clipperand nail file to round it. I stay away from clear unless I'm going french tips and  even then I think it looks too fake for my likings. Besides not all glue dries clear so the glue shows and it looks tacky.  Also try buying nail art wheels with 200+ so if you loose a rhinestone you can always replace it.

You can change the order of course to your preferece I just find my hands more steady when they aren't on my hands.
  1. Paint your base color over the nail
  2. Design it whatever way you want
  3. Smooth the glue all over your real nail
  4. Press on the nail for at least 20 seconds
 Voila you have incredible nails that last for 2 weeks  and you bought alot of nails you have enough to last you  like 2 years or i think 13 years. I tried doing the math on my caculator and it didn't work out too well.  Not a math person at all lol.
this is a video of a girl who did it

Some people spend more then 44$ on nails every month some people spend $10. Smart people pay $0 a month. 

Not saying the people who spend 10$ aren't smart, I like pre-made nails too. But spending $22 on something that will ruin my nails is a no no unless the occasion is ultra fancy.


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