Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nail Advice for Budget Gyaru

So I took my time to look for 3D nails. Everywhere I searched they were expensive and I was better off going to the nail salon. But acrylic's damage your nails. Fake nails are better. There are three ways of going around this. The super cheap way, the cheap way, and the regular way.

The super cheap way:
The super cheap way is also the quick way.  Go to ebay buy 500 tips for about $5. A glue for $1. And stick on decals for $.10~$1.00. Quick and easy nails.  Glue them on. Put that stick on nail polish and bam. They have ones with crystals on them too.  If you good with ebay this won't cost you more then $7 the first month and  $2 a month for the next couple of months.


The cheap way
The cheap way is to buy a pack of tips every 2 weeks on ebay.  The $5 ones are the ones I prefer. They are really cutesy and aren't overloaded with crystals. They are mostly onee-gal designed.  $8 means it's from the U.S thus faster. Around $10 are the flashy ones. Don't pay over $20 unless it's super gorgeous. Really I wouldn't  pay more then 10. After that I go to my local nail salon for acrylics.  But there is 144 pieces for $15 I really want going on ebay but I am broke right now =(. 

The $3 don't have design for every finger
The $5 have design for most fingers. Like 3 out 5 fingers. Some do contain deigned pinky and thumbs as well as plain ones
$12 with all fingers designed. $8 have similar but for $12 you get a personal design per finger.

The regular way
D.I.Y I'm not very familiar with it but I do know the basic needs. Tips, glue, nail polish and styling pens and lots and lots of nail pieces (rhinestone etc). Not expensive but take practice.

Or if you think all that's too much work get your lazy bum some money and hit the nail salon

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