Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canon Satalitte

From a certain somebody (not me):
Cake Decorators
Thanks to Darwin Barton
I think one of the coolest shows on television is "Cake Decorators." This show is featured on the Food Network and is seriously amazing. I love to see this show, and I love seeing the artistic ways that people decorate gorgeous cakes from this show. I watch this show every second I get on my satellite tv from www.Cannonsatellite.com. It is a phenomenal show and can teach a person so much in decorating cakes.
On this show, chefs from all across the country compete against one another to decorate cakes in a beautiful way. These chefs decorate cakes using all sorts of decorations. On one episode, the chefs actually had to use fireworks to decorate cakes. It was so interesting to see how chefs used ! fireworks in such creative ways to decorate the cakes on this show. In addition, many of the chefs on this show use fondant in the most fascinating ways too. They are able to color the fondant with gorgeous colors. One of the coolest cakes I have seen decorated on this show had a "fashion" theme to it. The cake was made in the shape of a high heel and was just so much fun. I am always so inspired by watching this show. This show truly inspires me to take a stab at cake decorating and see how beautiful I can make a cake!

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