Thursday, March 17, 2011


Lately I've been really longing for a lv and a prada bag. I was looking at bluefly and saw this cute little bag.
I've seen girls out with it but they are always fake. I don't like fake. It just shows how little consideration you have the true designer of it. You just want to save a buck so you make a fake designer rich off of knock offs.
And this bag ohlala
I love, love it. Bluefly has a 20% discount on it.  Doesn't mean I'll be able to ever afford it -__-. Ah someday baggie if prices don't skyrocket you will be mine.

Funny if I wasn't watching  project runway I would have never went to and I definitely would not have known that prada sells shoes. I think my favorite is these:
Not fancy looking but timeless. I guess prada shoes are made to last a long time thus so expensive. The average woman must buy a new set of her frequently worn shoes every 2 years or so but I guess prada eliminates the need for excess spending... I think... I'm basing this off the fact my mother has prada shoe from the 80s that still look nice.
I wonder how many people buy from bluefly? I want to buy a bag from them sometime soon and it looks like all prada items are on sale right now.

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