Monday, October 24, 2011

Party Pics

So as you probable know I'm way backlogged in pics as far as May. So I'm rolling out as many as I can this week before moving forward with my blog.  This picture log is from August, it was for a super over the top bash a friend of mine was having. I know I don't normally show my personal life, but it's about time I do.
  1. Here is me at the banquet hall. Wearing a jessica simpson collection dress and lace gloves from claires. We did in fact ride there in  a limo.  Wait... wait let our story start from the beginning!

2. We start our story at Janei's house. She had a court who were all dressed in her favorite color fabric blue chiffon. I wasn't in the court but she wanted me to go with her in the limo. I was so touched T.T , Lol so we met up at her house everyone running around getting ready.

3. Finally the limo shows and we were like woah.... SWAG

Here is the court
Janei in her awesome gown
Her  Cake
Posing in the Limo

Me and my awkard smile
And some more pics
I didn't take much pictures after that because I didn't have flash! *super sadface* but It was a fun party overall.

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