Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tralala and Liz Lisa Doll Spring and Summer 2012

Today I learned of two other brands under Liz Lisa. I had heard of Tralala before. It was always being talked about on gyaru community sales (which I never bother to buy from).

In comparison to Liz Lisa, I find Tralala more for girls who aren't a fan of flowers and overly lacy goodness. It's a more laid back style and very mainstream. I can bet you anything that you can probably buy similar outfits at Charlotte Russe and Forever 21

Liz Lisa Doll came at me as a complete surprise. I never heard of it and I am quite upset that I never did. It's a more edgy style in comparison to Liz Lisa. It's the anti- Lisa.

I REALLY like the clothes from Liz Lisa Doll even though the style has already been done. 

Okie Dokie and that's my quick post. 

The End. 

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  1. Wow, I like both, but Liz Lisa Doll has such great stuff :) x