Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finally have a camera

 So for Christmas this year, I got the Kodak Easyshare.  It's an okay camera and it beat my crappy phone pictures on so many levels. Though the flash is kinda a wasted feature. It's too harsh and makes me look like a troll! (Well I already do). So I already tossed that feature. 2 of the pictures have a grainy background cuz I photoshopped the light onto the pics.
 Wtf is up with the weather. No snow at all this christmas! Yet it snowed in Texas! W.E at least I'm only cold ---> not cold and wet :)
Eww grainy pics...( The eyes are PSed by the way). I'll reduce noise next time. This time I'm tooooo lazy
                                      Aww pretty smile was  ruined by grainy by grainy texture boo-hooo.  Anyway the Kodak easyshare has 14 megapixels and has video recording capabilities, its only flaw is the fact it doesn't have filters or anything. It is really meant to take pics on the go. Since I'm not use to taking pics with a real camera, any advice for me?

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