Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 years to make it happen

Everyone has some life goals. But life is too short to plan everything within a span of 20 years. You can't really plan your life either.So these are guideline of what I want to accomplish in the next two years :).

Spring/ Summer 2012

  1.  Get a job.    I haven't exactly worked since 2010. I've been lazy. I admit it. I need two solid part time jobs this summer if I really want to do what I want to do with my life. I was actually hoping that I would get steady advertorials, sponsors and make money through blogging. Umm, no degree, no solid resumee = no steady job. And I really DON'T want to spam my blog anyway.  I need money to keep up with my love for clothes and makeup. 
  2. Go to Miami.  SPRING BREAK woot. I've never actually been to Miami even though I've been in Florida a couple of times. Every single time I go it was for family or business, never got to stay in a nice hotel and go to the beach.
  3. Get back into gyaru makeup. I literally haven't done actual gyaru makeup in two years.  I  didn't have the money or time to maintain it. Idk if I even remember how to do the make anymore lol. But I shall try! 
  4. Lose 20 or so pounds. Like I said in my last post, my weight does shift a lot but I really would like to maintain a model weight year round. It's always been my secret desire to be on tv national tv or a magazine and I don't want to look like a ummpa lummpa (the camera adds 10 lbs!) 
  5. Go to LA. SUMMER VACAI woot! I honestly the farthest west I ever been is probably Pennsylvania? Virginia?  I don't travel as much I want to... 
  6. Meet the NYC gals. It's a sad thing when you live within 40 minutes of Manhattan yet Michelle Phan goes there more often then you (and Michelle lives thousands of miles away -__-").  I haven't been to the city since 2010. I'm too content with my suburban life and living only 10 minutes away from one of the largest malls in the U.S. ...Sarcasm.... But I really want to go NYC, because all the other gals are in the city. Maybe one or two of us in the burbs, who do our make and never go with it on. 

Fall 2012, can't plan much because of school. Maybe go to San Francisco during Winter Break, to escape the cold? I guess I prob spend the time 


  1. Get an internship
  2. Go to Canada for my birthday <3 Feb 19<3 (because the drinking age is lower :) 
  3. Go to Singapore for Spring Break (because the drinking age is lower and I want to meet some of my fav bloggers) 
  4. Get a pro camera and ring light 
  5. ....


Okay. Job, Miami, NYC, LA, Canada, and Singapore are important marking points. Everything else can just fall in over time. 

The Final Destination however is 

Yeah, you guessed it ----> Tokyo! Tokyo! Summer 2013, I better make it happen. 

FML if I don't really don't put my all into making this happen! 

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