Sunday, February 12, 2012

Music Artists that need to do something different

I know you guys HATE when I talk about celebs but I think I can predict whose career is ending. For the most part music these days have the tendency to really suck. It's catchy but no one is really original. Youtube has much more originality then most artists these days.

1. Nicki Minaj
Career Status: It's going to be over soon.
Why?: Nicki Minaj is a collaboration artist to her core. It's rare for her to have a good song that has no one else on the track. Yes, there are some exceptions. But lately her latest tracks, her image, and everything else has been riding on that train toward the end of her career. The problem is all the things that made Nicki Minaj a star are slowly being erased by this Lady Gaga-like style. Her songs are becoming riddled with sex and nonsense. What happen to the Nicki Minaj who wanted to be an inspiration to teenage girls? How can she inspire teenage girls when she has had one nose job too many and beyond realistic boobs and ass. I use to be a OMG Nicki-fan but now, it's time for her to crawl in a corner.

This is the Nicki I fell in love with but I guess she's dying

Super rant corner:
WTF.  The song Stupid Hoe is probably the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life. AND Nicki was way more prettier when she first came out (before nose jobs and lipo and her second ass job and her original boobs). I'm pro-plastic but there is a broad difference between beautiful and just too much. Her old style I feel was more down to earth and we--the fans-- don't only want an entertainer but someone who is realistic. Nicki Minaj need to takes some steps backward.
Her most horrible song of late:

Was she trying to get at another female MC? All she did was make a fool of herself.

2. Madonna
Career Status: Should be retiring
Why?: Madonna is one of my favorite artist of all time. However her newest song did not hit the spot. It was a complete waste of her talent. The song was completely out of touch with musical talent and reminiscence of the garbage we hear daily on the radio but worst. The video in turn was tasteless and amateur. Madonna is a 50 something years old, why I am seeing her boobs? Madonna is one of the greats---no doubt about it--- but there is nothing wrong with falling out of the scene after you hit the high point. Madonna already has hit the high point and has did a successful come back just a few years ago.  She shouldn't mar her career with a horrible song.

                                           Horrible Song we mentioned

                                                    One of her better songs

Despite this I will ALWAYS love Madonna and I will still love the Old Nicki. I can only hope that their careers will take a turn for the better.


  1. Ditto on Nicki Minaj - I used to be so keen on her in the beginning (Sucka Free mixtape) but now I just find her way too gimmicky X(

  2. wow. this is a complete 180 from your Nicki vs Kim post but I agree. Nicki is becoming garbage and if she is the future of rap, then rap is dead.

  3. I didn't completely agree with this post.... until the Grammy's.... pfft, her career needs to be over. Let's just hope she doesn't release another dumb song to brainwash teens with.

  4. you guys are just hating on the fact that she is waaayyy more accomplished then you are. and not to forget beautiful. nicki is one of the best rapper right now so stop hating.

    1. U can go that way---------->

      No one is hating on NM, we just ain't feeling her music

  5. I understand Nicki Minaj, but Madonna shouldn't in this post :(