Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring 2012 Trendbook

Spring is almost upon us. Well we upbeat fashion lovers already know the style reports. Not everyone is on top of it or really care. Last week 3 friends and I couldn't go to New York Fashion Week but wanted to see the Delia's local fashion show. We went but missed the show. So with very little money between us we decided to do "pic and dips". We went to several stores in the mall and created some looks, took pictures, returned the clothes, and left. Some stores don't allow it, some stores encourage it. It also depend who you are. It's like food blogging, so free publicity in some sorts?

The players:
Angel as

The stupid camwhore

Ev as

The Fashion Friend

Kemme and Loverboy as

The Smh Couple

Wet Seal Spring 2012
Wet Seal Spring 2012

Idk why but alot of girls don't know a good thing or two about dressing for your body. I'm a apple shape. My weight doesn't stay at a certain size for more then 6 months. I tend weigh 20 lbs heavier at the beginning of spring then it would be at the end of summer. In the fall, I maintain my weight but by winter, I stop exercising and become fat. All this fat tends to center around my stomach, and my boobs stay about the same size. So if I don't dress properly, I'll get asked stupid questions like "How many months are you?" and stuff.  If you are anything like me save yourself the problem---> just wear clothes that hide your curves and layer. 

Hollister Spring 2012
Hollister Spring 2012
Hollister doesn't give much variety in styles. Their style are typical, overpriced and can be just as easily found at Aeropostale, Aberocrombie, and Pac Sun. We went into the store anyway because the store interior is nice and we had the luck of snagging a huge dressing room. 

Charlotte Russe 
Charlotte Rousse Spring lookbook 2012
I hated Charlotte last winter but for spring, we came to terms with each other. She had a lot of Liz Lisa Cheat Ones, and color blocking and more variety of styles. We had fun abusing the dressing rooms but I can tell we pissed off the girl working her shift at Charlotte. 

Forever 21 Spring 2012
Forever 21 Lookbook Spring 2012

Forever 21 out of all the stores we went to, had the best spring line, I feel. Though we didn't really take advantage cuz, we only raided the first floor of the 2 floor mega store. But we did get some cute looks. 

I made such a stupid face in this pic. 

And we concluded our dressing room raid with F21.  We didn't really take full of advantage of all F21 had to offer but rushing through dressing rooms with the mall closing with 2 hours is not an easy task. We got tired!
Plus poor Loverboy had to wait outside every dressing rooms waiting for us to finish! 

Haha, poor Ev was caught off guard

 Has anyone ever told you that a Forever 21 superstore is like Heaven?

Alright! Enough of my photospam! Bye bye!  

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