Monday, December 17, 2012

DCNU Give Us Our Timmy Back

If you are comic nerd (even if your not) you must of have heard of at least once of man called Tim Drake. How tumblr fandom goes crazy over this said man and you might of even seen illustrations about him. You could even say the "Robin" in Dark Knight Rises is the most alike with Tim Drake. Well Tim Drake is a comic book character and he's my personal favorite character and is catalyst to my love of comics and the batman family.
Let me explain out of all characters, why Tim Drake is just so awesome. Tim, is the 3rd Robin (the title given to Batman sidekick) in the World of DC comics. He comes after 2 great characters. Nightwing (who is a super sexy character) and Jason Todd (who is just so...damaged...that you have to love him, but DCNU kinda ruins his character too). He stood apart from the rest because Tim was a natural detective, a genius, and it was almost defintive that someday he would become Batman.
I was actually introduced to Tim Drake through Teen Titans. Along with the Conner Kent, Cassie Sandmark, and Bart Allen, all of them great characters and all but soon I decided to go backwards and read Young Justice. From reading Young Justice, I began reading many Batfamily titles like, Nightwing, Robin, Gotham Knights etc etc. Despite for my extreme love for everyone from Young Justice. Tim Drake just was always the best. Maybe because he was the most real out of the characters or his nerdy jokes, who cares.
But the DCNU came along and crushed almost every awesome character and made all the sucky characters and a stupid timeline.

Honestly DCNU makes more sense if it was a 10 year span. I mean, 4 robins in 5 years? yougottobekiddingme.jpg.  Then each of origin stories just flat out destroyed characters. But of all of them, they just chopped and screwed them all. I think I'll talk about everyone else in a mass DCNU review post because not everything is so bad.

Okay back to Timmy. Tim Drake was kind of introduced in a good way. Genius, athletic, sense of justice.
These good feels that are shown here.  I mean, the whole gymnast thing just doesn't work because Tim Drake doesn't fight like someone who has mostly muscles in their upper body. He uses catalysts like his bo and his gadgets. Besides the point, Tim Drake's intro in Batman #0 is good. But then 
They eff it over it Teen Titan #0. Teen Titans is just ruined deal all over. You see the real effects of peeling away everything that ever was Tim Drake.  Tim Drake was always an ongoing character. A guy who slowly loses everything and grows up with each of his loss. This Tim Drake hasn't really lost anything nor does he have the quirky innocent he had when he first started his vigilante rounds.  Everything is too rushed. 
His costume design is just as bad as his new characterization. I understand, his old costume represented how much closer to becoming a Batman or his emotional growth but come on there were better designs to go through.

So much better lah?

Makes me mad.  Please decide to go to the first one sometime in the near future. PLEASE. 

Also,  Tim doesn't have his close (and funny relationship) with Dick Grayson anymore. Which I miss like hell. The writers have been setting up some sort of relationship between Tim and Jason Todd but I don't see the humor in it. Dick is really close with Damian instead *gasp*

It bother me that Scott Loeb (who writes Teen Titans) doesn't write a good nor refreshing take on Tim Drake in Teen Titans yet he created a pretty awesome Jason in Red Hood and the Outlaws (despite a few things, the art seems to redeem it). Even more crazy, the same writer wrote an awesome Teen Titans #1 and introduced a pretty good version of Tim in Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Don't get me started on Scott Loeb, he has wronged us so many times.  Especially how decided that out of nowhere Tim Drake was officially never a robin yet...

Batman #1 clearly states otherwise. No, Mr. Loeb you can not release several issues of something referring to Tim Drake as former Robin and decide to change your mind later. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT!!

And what destroys me most is that they took away this:

The entire relationship between Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake was destroyed. I think that broke my heart the most. Lunacy of it all, they have mentioned that Tim and Bruce are currently estranged and everything. Tim  used to be closest thing to a mini Bruce except had friends and was way more socialable. This puts the family relationships in a whole new perspective and since the timeline is so mashed together you not only don't know what to expect you have a very unnecessary character in the mess. Because technically Bruce isn't the ultimate father figure for Tim, their relationship isn't that close (because in the old DCU, their relationship was at least 5 years strong). Their relationship also won't become any closer because Tim is no longer Robin and thus no longer within Batman's training. Unless Tim buddy ups on adventures with Batman in Detective Comics we won't see any relationship growth. We don't even know why Bruce and Tim are supposedly not on good terms and why Tim is hiding in Lex Towers.

Seriously for a comic world you are trying to make less confusing,  DCNU made the comic world way more confusing. 

However I do like that they keep Tim and Damian's relationship pretty much the same. I hate how childish Tim is though. Seriously 18, vigilante genius yet act like a 10 year old (I remember at least 4 examples of  said behavior). Somethings can be ignored but the way they set up Tim should of at least flowed with the origin story. Tim is middle class, private school and normal life. He should be a conservative snob, funny yet classy but down to earth and relate-able. I hope the writer will turn to that direction or Teen Titans will hit the bottom feeder of comic sales. So many people have dropped the book and people will continue after a great storyline like Death of a Family.

Read Death of a Family guys it's been doing good so far. I'll post on that in the future as well. 

 the majority of things said, the fandom will agree and fandoms are aggressive. They want a better Tim, they want the former batgirls Stephanie and Cassandra in some type of form. And they want you to stop killing off the Batfam.

And sorry for my non-comic-book-readers who read this and are confused as hell. And super sorry for horrible grammar. 

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