Sunday, January 16, 2011

The list things I have to review

I'm going to write of the list of things I need to review as a reminder and their due dates! I put my reviews everywhere where reviews are acceptable (gaiaonline, youtube, here, slatedroid forums etc) So sponsor me for a review (sadly I have no sponsors as of yet ;'(). Seriously though I don't do my blog for the money,. I have made no money off this blog.  I do it becuz I like to write. Reviews that I did are in green,, reviews I didn't do are in red. Reviews that are done and are just waiting on picture are in orange.

Anyways my reviews to-do list.
 The Flytouch Epad- 
                                                                Video// Written
             Geo Angel Blue Lens from Geo Candy Eyes
 Super Kawaii cute picture by the way
                                       Video/ Written
                Pandawill's Blackberry Look- alike
You'll be surprised at the price and features. My pics won't be so great since I blinged my's out very ugly like.
                                                       Video/ Written
       Chinese 96 eyeshadow palette

                        Video/ Written
Maybelline Volum Express Falsies

                               Video/ Written
Kiss NY  i- Envy Mascara
Nice price
                    Video/ Written
Mattese N.Y.C Eye Drama Liquid

                         Video/ Written

So the next 2-3 weeks will be packed with review after review . And finally nice not blurry pictures.   I repeat I am not sponsored for these items these are just my opinion.

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