Sunday, January 2, 2011

My thoughts on Xiaxue

So I thought I would talk about Wendy Cheng because she had a recent revival among haters with the Michelle Phan thing and I've been thinking oh my god, people get a freakin life.

 So I always watched her Guide's to Life interesting episodes and never bother to read her blog. I only read it recently and it's pretty good. She has personality. Then I've read the hate posts and I was like get off her cock and let her rock.

Okay I agree she looked better with her natural hair color but do you guys tell all the countless gyaru make-up wearer they put on more make-up then a clown? Do you  tell Kim Kardashian to stop with all her make-up? No, you let em rock (except all those no life losers).

Okay the photoshoping thing. She photoshops.... wow.... like no one else in the world doesn't do the same damn thing. She isn't ugly or is she fat. As far as I seen from the guide is she is short so she must work the hardest to keep her weight off and she does this rather successfully.

As for her blog. She is famous is she not. You just wish you were famous and your blog was the number one most read. Meh, people these days.

1 comment:

  1. Why would you be a fan of her? She wasn't even that nice to you over Twitter anyway.

    No, she's not super famous. She just an efag spewing stupid shit just to get attention. Stop being delusional.

    My turd looks better than Xiaxue.